A Walk / personal matte painting

personal matte painting

Compozitive  VFX Academy / Krios city DMP
Matte painting done for Compozitive VFX Academy. Thanks to Vladimir Valovic /CEO & Lead Compositor/ for great oportunity to cooperate on this great project.

Composed final shot - mood 01

Composed final shot - mood 02

Composed final shot - mood 03

Original matte painting

Original plate

Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking feat. Brain
Matte Paintings done for great Lil Dicky's official music video. Great cooperation with Giant Propeller and Blue Faces.  

Final shot

Background matte painting

Prehistoric shot / background matte painting

Final shot

Sky background matte painting

Final sky shot

Personal Matte Paintings
Matte paintings done for my personal practice
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